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Prairie Dog Medicine

Prairie Dog Medicine

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  • This is for a MEDIUM White Dog Shirt. Our other listings have other sizes & colors. PLEASE BE SURE TO KNOW YOUR CORRECT SIZE BEFORE ORDERING. Sizes are: XS(0-4 lbs), S(5-10 lbs), M(11-23 lbs), L(24-45 lbs). More detailed sizing are as follows: Collar to Tail (XS=6.5, SM=7.5, MD=8, LG=12); Circumference around tummy (XS=12, SM=12.5, MD=14, LG=16) Other measurements are available by email. We print to order so it is important you get the correct size ordered.
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Max Playing with Toys

This is in memory of my wonderful mutt, Max who was euthanized on March 14, 2009 after a 3 year battle with congestive heart failure. He will always be in my heart. This video was shot by me, his beloved owner Amanda on November 24, 2005 when I was testing out the video function on my digital camera. This was a little more than 2 months before a vet discovered his heart murmur which led to a congestive heart failure diagnosis. Max, you will always be my sweet boy, and I would only show this video for you since it’s embarrassing how silly my voice is on the video, especially the mock growling. You will always be remembered by me as my playful dog.

13 Weeks Siberian Husky w/ Heart Murmur Grade 2 has Parvo?

My 13 week Siberian Husky has a grade 2 murmur, I took him to two different vets, one said his murmur level is between 1-2 and the other said it is between 2-3. This past Sunday (April 25th 2010) he woke up lethargic and threw up. I did not hesitate a bit and took him to the emergency immediately, that’s when I found out he tested positive for PARVO. To keep him in the hospital would cost way too much money for us, so I started the treatment on sunday in the emergency but took him home to continue the treatment with my vet’s supervision. When we got home he was feeling a little better after all the medicine he took in the Emergency. Monday morning I took him to my regular vet and he did throw up a little before and was a little lethargic as well. The Vet gave him all the medicines necessary to fight the disease and injected a subcutaneous fluid on his back to help keep him hydrated. We had been feeding him since Sunday with broiled chicken and white rice in small amounts, we also bought Pedyalite. He’s been drinking and eating since sunday when he got home from the E.R. Today is Wednesday 28th the 4th day of the disease and he has been progressively active, in fact he was very active this afternoon. His stool for the first time today was hard and not diarrhea like. My main questions are:

- Does it mean he is recovering ok from Parvo?
- Does a dog with a hurt murmur 2 have any side effects after Parvo?
- He is up for his second round of shots tomorrow, but apparently I was told he should not take and wait, but how long should he wait to take his second shot?
- Will he be Parvo free (immune)? Or do I need to worry about this damn disease again?

Sorry about all of these questions, hope someone can give me extra advices, so I can be better prepared to help my dog.


Hold On Cody :’( PLEASE WATCH

“You always said how lucky you were…but it was us baby who were the lucky ones…” Cody is in the doggie hospital. He had a really bad seizure. This is his second one this year. It’s mostly likely connected to a heart problem. He was diagnosed with a heart murmur a few years ago but its never been any issue to him before. Guys I’m not going to lie it’s not good…we are considering putting him to sleep. The vet said it’s kinda like this..he can pull through this absolutely fine and still be able to do agility and be a dog, he can pull through and be blind and deaf, or he will die. Basicly if theres no improvement by Friday we are having him put to sleep. I can’t believe this is happening to us. I can’t even write this I’m crying too much. Cody is my best friend, we grew up together, I don’t even know what to say, but I can’t imagine living without my best friend. I’ll take him blind and deaf and anythig. Agility means nothing, it was just a stupid dream that’s never going to come true. write “STAY STRONG CODY!” in the comments if you read my novel.

DRONTAL Dog Puppy Wormer Worm Medicine 1 Tablet BAYER

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Medicine Dog

Medicine Dog

The second album by COYOTE ZEN, Medicine Dog, was released on December 10, 2001, on Oklahoma based PAW Records. COYOTE ZEN is the creation of noted composer/engineer/producer, Jeffrey Gray Parker, of Tahlequah,Oklahoma.Taking the concept that was established on COYOTE ZEN’S first release, Blood of Many Nations, Parker stretches his creative horizons to weave many contemporary world music influences into the twelve song selections on Medicine Dog. As with his last record, multi-instrumentalist

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How common/harmful is a type 2 heart murmur?

A friend of mine rescued a 11 week old Rottweiler, and the vet said it had a type 2 heart murmur. The vet didn’t think it would harm the health of the dog, and that she would out grow it. How common are heart murmurs? and has anyone had a problem with a dog having one?
Also, are rottweilers more prone to them then any other dog?

Puppy With Heart Murmur.?

I don’t really have a direct question. I’ve looked all through the internet for answers and no one has a direct one or something close. So i simple will tell you briefly about my puppy, and i would love to hear stories about the basic, how long they lived, with treatment, without, i just want some idea, you know?

Please tell bad or good stories i just want some type of idea how long he might live, because i’ve seen stories, but not enough of an idea. PLEASE AND THANK YOU =)

I have a 9 month old Pitbull puppy, he was a born with the heart murmur and it didn’t go away =/
They said it was in the left ventricle and it was getting thicker, but hasn’t changed much since he was 3 months.
They sadly graded it as a 4-5. I’ve tried to look up similar stories, but i just really am looking for the answer of for a grade 4-5, or even six, having it as a puppy…how long has your dog lived with or without treatment, or even partial treatment. Before i go ahead and get the expensive surgery i need opinions.

sorry for the ranting, i just love my puppy, and need some type of hope.
thank you. =)
I got him from a bad home. My boyfriend’s relatives told us about free puppies from a bad home, there were many puppies, but i chose him. The owners took the puppies away from the parents at a 3 weeks of age =(, so we went to the place to clam a puppy. I chose him because as soon as i picked him up he was the one. The place smelled and i couldn’t handle it for long. Im glad i took him because he’s everything to me now, but thank you for the concern.

Also he’s seen a cardiologist twice and it only changed 1 point. (in thickness) He couldn’t give me any type of answer he just said it was up to me. He’s on a blood thinner right now, but they said in order to correct it completely a surgery would have to happen, but he still said there’s no 100% it’ll change, and i don’t want to spend a lot of money (which isn’t a bother) if he’ll die on the operating table, or if it doesn’t fix it.

He is a lovable puppy and doesn’t get tired fast, loves to play, and cuddle. He can play all day and mayb

HomeoPet FLEA BITE Natural Medicine for Dogs and Cats

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